Monday, March 25, 2013

Revolution Name-Checks Led Zeppelin Song Titles

The J.J. Abrams produced NBC Television series Revolution, borrowing from other series in the past, ie. That 70's Show, Newsradio*, and Covert Affairs, has named some episodes of the show after Led Zeppelin songs: Oct. 01, 2012 "No Quarter"; Nov. 12, 2012 "Kashmir"; Nov. 19, 2012 "Nobody's Fault But Mine"; and upcoming on Apr. 08, 2013 "The Song Remains the Same". We shall see if this trend continues. Meanwhile, we Led Zeppelin fans greatly appreciate such titling as it is indicative of the influence the band continues to yield, and for that we are grateful.
(I mention such titling in my book, Back to Schoolin': What Led Zeppelin Taught Me About Music, now also available on Kindle through Amazon.)
*Note that Newsradio named many episodes after Led Zeppelin albums.

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